Our philosophy is simple

Be Entrepreneurial, Be Creative, Be Social, Be Kind

Seeing possibilities where others see problems

We have no interest in what people can't do, only what they can


We achieve our social objectives to help marginalised people live healthy, happy, fulfilling lives.


How refreshing it would be for an individual seen as a user of services, to become a provider of services?


We see huge potential in the community to change the way we care for people.


Everything we do is done with kindness. We never underestimate the power of kindness and its ability to make a huge difference. A enterprise built around kindness can achieve absolutely anything.

Creating Enterprise, creativity, employment, well being

Our biggest and most outrageous idea so far

We want to change society’s attitude to disabled people by finding opportunities for them in the world of work. We want to show that everyone has something to contribute, and that given a chance disabled people will bring profound benefits to a supportive workplace. We refute the accepted notions as to what disabled people can achieve, and will not stop until these have gone for good.

100% of profits invested into smiles

Has2bhappy is Outrageous Ambition social enterprise care agency. We take a community Asset Based approach to social care, we see huge potential in our communities to change the way we care for people. Rather than configure support around disability and illness, we approach care and overall health and well being by building stronger communities and more vibrant social networks which can enhance a individuals life leading to healthier, happier people.

The physical space which brings amazing people together

Like your favourite soup

Outrageous Ambition will make you feel warm inside

“I love OUTRAGEOUS AMBITION. What a life affirming organisation!!! We could all learn from the people of this organisation. They are living and breathing ALIVENESS!!!!”

Jacquie Johnston Lynch

Social Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013